The airships we recently unveiled (MOBULA-0 y LIGN-0)have already participated in the competition in Valencia.

After an intense year of Design and Work, our goal of participating in the competition, which carries a condition on the budget limiting it to 300 Euros per aircraft among others, and also with two entries, was successfully achievedallowing us to acquire knowledge and experiences that we could not have otherwise encountered, exploiting different processes of modern engineeringin depth, some of these being structural and aerodynamic simulation, as well as machining of parts and more.

This competition held between July 12 and 14, is a university Aeromodelling competition created in 2022 by students of the Polytechnic University of Valencia of the Xtra2 UPV team, based on the Air Cargo Challenge, which also participated in previous editions, to encourage students from different institutions to build and fly their own aircraft.

As for our performance, the static tests were successfully passed, and left us very satisfied.

We had a lot of new members on the team this year and our main objective was for them to learn and we believe we have achieved that.There is always room for improvement, but we have achieved the main objective of everyone learning and forming a team atmosphere. In addition, this experience, with a limited budget helps a lot to learn, as you see what goes wrong and fix it, get advice, test it and try againwithout being so conditioned by the economic impact of each decision. Serving all members to gain experience and knowledge in the complete development of an aircraft during the whole process.

Our next step,will be to participate in the Air Cargo Challenge 2024, to be held in Aachen, Germany, full of illusion and enthusiasm.

Finally, we would like to thank every public and private entities for their support and collaboration in the development of our projects, such as the Escola de Enxeñaría Aeronáutica e do Espazo, Coasa, Mecadis, Gurit, Europrecis, Utingal, Marine Instruments, Altair, the "Centro de Investigación, Transferencia e Innovación", the Civil UAVs Initiative, Centum, RDC Works and Illumnia.