It is the first prototype designed by UVigo Aerotech during the 2019-2020 season.

It has the following specifications:

Wingspan: 4.14 m

Wing surface: 1.11 m

Span of empennage: 1.1 m

Horizontal stabiliser area: 0.16 m2

Vertical stabiliser area: 0.14 m2


Aerodynamic medium rope: 0.283 m 

Rope at the root: 0.3 m

Aspect ratio: 14.69

Theoretical weight: 4272.49 g

Wing incidence: -2.7º




Horizontal stabiliser incidence: 0º

Maximum speed: 59.44 km/h (16.51 m/s)

Internal structure safety factor: 1.5

Radio range: > 1.5 km.

Maximum deflection of control surfaces: 40º.